Down In A Hole

Down In A Hole

It’s been a long time since I last posted and I’m only posting now because I am sooooo sick
which means I have lots of down time. It feels good to punch out a post. Stay well people.

– Scarli xx

What I’m Wearing

Hair – +Spellbound+ Lux [Ombres & Dips]
Comes with colour change bow

Mesh Head – The Mesh Project Baby Doll

Eyebrows – Deetalez Eyebrows Number 2a

Glasses – Yummy Studded Cat Eye [Black]

Cigarette Holder – .DirtyStories. Dark Soul Pipe @ Suicide Dollz NOW

Lipstick – Deetalez Lips Number 2 Lust

Septum Piercing – PUNCH Cross Septum

Lip Piercing – Suicidal Unborn Lilith

Earrings – .random.Matter. Abaddon Earrings

Choker – XYZ Tattoo Choker

Other Chokers – Amala Eye of Horus & The Crystal Choker [Lilac]

Tattoo – A n t i e l l e. Catanoic

Top – Dappa Outlaw Top [Addams] @ Suicide Dollz NOW

Pants – Cynful Promise Jeans
Comes with appliers!

Boots – Creative Studio T.W. Sh!tkickers

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