Down In A Hole

Down In A Hole

It’s been a long time since I last posted and I’m only posting now because I am sooooo sick
which means I have lots of down time. It feels good to punch out a post. Stay well people.

– Scarli xx

What I’m Wearing

Hair – +Spellbound+ Lux [Ombres & Dips]
Comes with colour change bow

Mesh Head – The Mesh Project Baby Doll

Eyebrows – Deetalez Eyebrows Number 2a

Glasses – Yummy Studded Cat Eye [Black]

Cigarette Holder – .DirtyStories. Dark Soul Pipe @ Suicide Dollz NOW

Lipstick – Deetalez Lips Number 2 Lust

Septum Piercing – PUNCH Cross Septum

Lip Piercing – Suicidal Unborn Lilith

Earrings – .random.Matter. Abaddon Earrings

Choker – XYZ Tattoo Choker

Other Chokers – Amala Eye of Horus & The Crystal Choker [Lilac]

Tattoo – A n t i e l l e. Catanoic

Top – Dappa Outlaw Top [Addams] @ Suicide Dollz NOW

Pants – Cynful Promise Jeans
Comes with appliers!

Boots – Creative Studio T.W. Sh!tkickers



I felt bloggy!

What I’m Wearing

Hair – MOON She Waits [Hysteria]

Skin – Pink Fuel Doll V2 <Crystal> Pure

Brows – .random.matter. Coven Brows

Eyes – The Skinnery Jade & Storm

Glasses – .random.matter. Simon

Chest Tattoo – .Hollyweird. Ouija Tattoo [Faded]
Comes with appliers!

Top – :: {ufo} :: Pretty in Punk Top [Black] @ Collabor88

Blazer – The Secret Store Structured Blazer [Crow]

Butterfly Tattoo – Letis Tattoo Colourful Butterflies @ Suicide Dollz
Comes with appliers!

Sparkly Bling Ring – Pomposity Friendship Ring with Sparkle @ Suicide Dollz
Has no copy option so you can give one to your bestie ❤

Nails – (.vix) Bright Solids
Marketplace store ONLY!

Leggings – Cynful Low Rise Leggings [Black]
Comes with appliers!

Shoes – .Hollyweird. Ember

I’m gone….

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you to my lovely followers for supporting me and secondly, that for now, I’m gone. My RL study schedule along with full time work has become too demanding so I must walk away from blogging. Not sure if I’ll be back, never say never – right? Thanks again x

Restrained Love

Restrained Love

I’m back bitches! ❤

What I’m Wearing

Crown – Dazed. Pressure Headband [Onyx]
Comes with rose colour changing HUD!

Hair – Clawtooth La Bella Donna [Outrageous Pack] @ The Arcade

Ball Gag – Snitch. Strawberry Ball Gag [Black & Silver] [Chocolate] @ Whore Couture Fair

Collar – Forever Famous The Coven Collar
Gacha item, see mainstore or contact creator.

Top – Cynful Torn Top [Black]
Comes with Omega and TMP Appliers!

Bracelet – Cute Poison Eruli Bracelet [Silver]

Shorts – Suicidal Unborn Nydale Shorts [Blue]
Comes with Omega and SLink Appliers!

Shoes – .Hollyweird. Mari Stilt Platforms @ Carnevil

We Can’t Stop

We Can't Stop

What I’m Wearing

Hair – +Spellbound+ Warrior [Natural Ombres & Dips]

Glasses – Suicidal Unborn Valentina
V.I.P Gift

Shirt – Biscuit Uncanny Tank [#1]
Comes with HUD for texture changes!

Tattoo – .Hollyweird. Ouija Tattoo [Faded] @ Suicide Dollz
Comes with Omega & SLink Appliers!

Bag – .Hollyweird. Love Freaks Handbags [#2] @ Urban United
Hurry, second last day!

Pants – Delirium Style Bell Bottom Pants [NEW]
Comes with colour change HUD!

Shoes – .Alterego. Snobbery Pumps [LE Zebra]
Group gift!

The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within

What I’m Wearing

Hair – +Spellbound+ Witchery [Natural Ombres & Dips]

Eyeshadow – Tabou Irrestible Smokey Eyes with Shadow on Mouth

Skull in Hand – Belle Poses Skull +1

Ring – .Zombie Suicide. Witchery Ring Set [Pentacle

Dress – Biscuit Sabotage Mesh Dress @ Suicide Dollz [Next Round Opening Sunday!]

Boots – Delirium Style Latreia/DStyle- Stomp Cutie [G]

Skull Prop – Belle Poses Skull 1

Batter Up

Batter Up

“I say the fish don’t fry in the kitchen
Beans don’t burn on the grill (that’s right)
It took a whole lot of tah-ryin
Just to get up that hill
I said but now we’re up in the BIG LEAGUES
My dirty it’s our turn at bat
And just as long as we livin, it’s Lunatics playa
It ain’t nuttin wrong with that, huh – batter up”

What I’m Wearing

Hair – Lamb Lullaby [Variety/Ombre] @ Collabor88

Best Friends Necklace – [Yummy] Best Friends [#1] @ Collabor88
This has two parts so you can give the other half to your bestie! ❤

Bat – Belle Poses Baseball Girl [#2]

Shirt – The Bishes Inc Knotted Tank [White]

Navel Piercing – .Pekka. Navel Cross Unisex Piercing [Silver]

Ring – [Yummy] Ombre Ring @ Collabor88

Pants – Cynful Dime Piece Sweatpants [Blue] @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Next round!